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Punting Location Map

Park Landing Site: Antigua Boat Sheds, 2 Cambridge Terrace, Christchurch 8013
City Landing Site: Worcester Bridge, Worcester Street, Christchurch 8011 (currently closed for winter)

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Make the most of your day! — Consider these itineraries

Punting half day itinerary

We suggest Punting, the Gondola, and the Tram. Dress to suit street conditions, and be sure of a delightful time. We keep you snug with rugs and a hot-water-bottle while Punting on the Avon river, and the Christchurch Gondola cabins shelter you completely, but bring a coat.

Punting full day itinerary

After Punting, the Gondola, and the Tramtour the fascinating Christchurch Botanic Gardens Tour by weatherproof electric Caterpillar cart. As with the Tram, you can hop on and hop off at any time over two days. Bring a coat if you go exploring, and enjoy every minute of your day.

Punting two day itinerary

Spend your second day Thrillseekers, experiencing Hanmer Springs activities, 90 minutes away by car. You can hurtle up a river in a jet boat, challenge a friend to a paintball duel, go claybird shooting with a real shotgun, zoom on a quad bike through rivers and mud, and bungy jump off a bridge.

The list doesn't end! Bask in the famous hot pools (bring a bathing suit, towels available for hire), admire alpine scenery, play golf... Bring sunscreen, sunglasses, and a warm coat. To arrange transport just call 0800 242 663.


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Take a tranquil ride along the River Avon

through Hagley Park, or the ‘Red Zone’

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